Port and Blue Cheese – An Undeniable Chemistry

February 13, 2015

I always say that you should choose a pairing that resonates with your own personal palate, but this is one combination that was simply meant to be.  The classic, everlasting marriage between Port and Stilton Blue Cheese will assure you that love exists.

I was recently at a food and wine pairing seminar that concluded with Port and blue cheese. I was reminded of how brilliant these two are together and was inspired to motivate my readers to give it a shot if you haven't already.


I'm always complaining that not enough people drink Port. If you don't know what it is, Port is a fortified wine produced in Northern Portugal in the Duoro Valley. It is usually 20% alcohol with an evident sweetness and rich, weighty texture. 


I started getting questions about the perfect Valentine's pairing and this is exactly what I thought of. If you don't normally fancy yourself a Port drinker or a blue-cheese eater, it's time to light the fire, rekindle the love and give it a shot.


Why do these two work so well together? Blue cheese has a high salt and fat content and the Port has enough residual sugar to compliment the act. While the fat and salt of the creamy cheese coat the mouth, the Port joins in with its velvety texture, silky tannin and indulgent sweetness to spark what can only be described as undeniable chemistry.


The result of this pairing is seductive and satisfying. What more could you want to share with your loved one this weekend? Alternatively, gather enough supplies for yourself and indulge!


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